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Certain Uncertainty

Business is uncertain. Anyone who begins to think that their success is a certainty is simply fooling him or herself.

We create promises to ourselves that create our motivations to get things done. We consciously or unconsciously say to ourselves, if I start to make calls to my perspective clients, my business will grow and I can be successful. I can increase the certainty for prosperity.

There simply is no certainty. Change your thinking away from wanting security. Begin to be comfortable in the uncertainty. Simply be aware.

Awareness and curiosity are the states that will lead you to business and personal success.

Business is not a mechanical process. It constantly and organically changes. Trends change. Your competition changes. Your relationship to your business changes. Market conditions change. Uncertainty is constant.

Keep your eyes open and practice unbridled awareness. This state of being and not doing will allow you to get as close to your own definition of success as possible at any given moment.

There is no dogma. There is no security. There’s only aware exploration. Not all successful entrepreneurs know this. Most fulfilled and contented ones do.

Self-Employed Mantra

Anyone that has ever been self-employed knows, it’s not always easy. It’s not easy being a good boss and it is especially not easy being a good boss to yourself.

Here is the Self-Employed Mantra

** Keep you word. Call when you said you would call. Complete the job on time. Promise and deliver.
** Provide Benefits. Get health insurance, regular savings and retirement savings plans.
** Pay Less Taxes. Do whatever you can to deduct EVERYTHING within legal limits. Get a great book-keeper and accountant.
** Get Help. If you don’t have an assistant, you are the assistant.
** Keep In Touch. Creating a system of keeping in touch with your customers is the most effortless and most effective way of marketing your products or services.
** Empty Space. Have the time and space in your schedule where you get to create with absolutely no interruptions – no cell phone, no computer, no books, no people – just you and an empty piece of paper (OK – pens are allowed).
** Dream BIG. If you are working for yourself and you have no ceiling, you might as well be reaching for the stars.

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** Megillustrations

What are some of your secrets? Please share.

Modern Day Explorers


The explorers of our time are people who are exploring the depths of what’s possible for themselves personally, for human kind as a whole and for the process of creating ideas and bringing them to life.

Prosperous Entrepreneurs are explorers. They ask the questions:

  • Who do I have to be in order to create what I want?
  • How can what I do continue to move the human race forward consciously?
  • How can I continue to stretch the boundaries of what’s possible creatively?

Paradigm Shift

Overflowing Cup **Monday morning inspiration.**

Envision it. Believe it. Make it happen.

“People living in scarcity see the cup as half empty.
People who are positive thinkers see the cup as half full.
People living in abundance see the cup as overflowing.
But people Living into their Greatness ARE the Cup.” — Kim George

“Focus on what’s going great for you in your business.
Do more of it, living into your greatness.
Be a cup for what you want most next.” — Sylvia Warren

Is it true? Portrayal of Business on TV and Film

The television and film establishment hasn’t been overly friendly to the business world lately.

The Business & Media Institute studied 129 episodes of the top 12 Nielsen-rated network TV dramas airing on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX. Only 39 episodes featured plots alluding to commerce or primary characters who were businessmen. Of those, 30 (77 percent) were anti-business – almost four times as many as were graded pro-business. Only nine episodes (23 percent) were graded pro-business for the actions of the characters or the nature of the plot.

On primetime television, victims were 21 times more likely to be kidnapped or murdered by businessmen than the mob. Businessmen also committed crimes five times more often than terrorists and four times more often than street gangs. They were nearly as prolific villains (21 felonies) as hardened criminals like drug dealers, child molesters, and serial killers put together (23 felonies).

Businessmen and women killed their associates and slept around the office, while their corporations were painted as big, faceless and evil. While one character on CBS’s “Without a Trace” accused drug companies of “doing experimental drug trials on kids, seldom did any business-related characters produce honest work or benefits for society.”

Film, especially documentaries, aren’t angling to become business’ best friend either with a slew of documentaries bashing corporations. Filmmakers have exposed the concept of the Corporation, Enron, Walmart and McDonald’s. This is just the tip of the iceberg (which maybe melting as we speak) of what’s out there in the business NegativLand.


  • Is this perception right on?
  • If so, what can we and our businesses do to alter that perception?
  • Is the rise of a conscious corporation possible?
  • What can we as individuals do to be a part of that movement?


As I sit, write and ponder the global transformation of business, I am overwhelmed by the long road ahead of us. How can I be more of a catalyst for a change towards a more conscious triple bottom line approach (profit, planet, people) to business? Is it even possible? I am reminded that revolutions happen one person at a time. Revolutions are fueled by the passion of a few individuals that are able to ignite the belief of others and incite them to action. I want this revolution and I want the whole world to want it. I am now more inspired then when I began writing this post. I feel more connected to my mission of helping entrepreneurs create conscious businesses and prosperity for themselves and beyond.

What can I do today? What can I do to align my belief system with my actions now?

The Art of Quick

I often find that when a great new idea pops into my head, I get super excited about it right away and then the excitement tends to decrease over time. It’s as if the air keeps getting let out of my idea the longer I wait to act on it and/or complete it.

Andrea Lee explains this phenomenon of completing quickly in this post regarding finishing her book in 45 days.

Here are my TOP 5 Reasons to Complete Quickly

  1. Completing quickly gives you the opportunity to act on your next great idea
  2. The faster you complete something the faster you can reap the benefits of it.
  3. Completion gives you lots of energy and a great sense of accomplishment.
  4. Completing a project quickly allows you to work on it at the peak of your excitement.
  5. Allow completion to be your own de-cluttering of the brain. Once you are done you can give yourself permission to not think about it.