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Do you know what time it is?

The time is NOW…

This is the best time in history to be in business for yourself. And no, this is not the new age positive thinker in me talking. I do believe in being positive, but I also believe in seeing the clear signals that the world is constantly sending out.

So what am I seeing?

** The internet and computers have made marketing and delivering your message easier than any other time in the history…

** People are thirstier than ever to better themselves and their circumstances and are now actually believing it’s possible for them to do so…

** Interest rates are the lowest they have been in over 50 years…

** Lots of great people all over the world are looking to be involved with businesses or projects that have meaning and that are positively impacting the world…

There is been no better time in your lifetime for you to succeed in business.

The information you need to succeed is here now.

The access to delivering your message is here now.

The help you need is here now.

The opportunity is here now.

The question is:

What are you doing during this time of unparalleled opportunity?

Are you spending your time whining and complaining or are you taking full responsibility and doing whatever it takes?

Are you paralyzed with worry or you looking fear straight in the face and taking action anyway?

Are you wasting your time waiting or are you going for it now?

Your abundant and impactful business is waiting for YOU. Don’t you think it’s time to answer the call?

So what are willing to do about it today?

Share what you’re going to do here.


  1. Louise Bibby says:

    Wow Bill. Your post has certainly inspired some response! I hesitated before posting here because I haven’t followed through on a previous post I put up after one of your blogs. But facing up to my lack of integrity is one of the things I am doing in order to create my very new coaching business. I have done some of what I said I’d do, but have chosen not to take on teleseminars until I have my material clearer.

    So what AM I doing? I’m practising the MOE training. I have now completed 6 initial consultations this month – my first official month of my business. I currently have 4 pro bono clients (friends) plus my very first paying client.

    I am constantly learning from being in action. I intend to keep clocking up my hours of on-the-job training, gaining confidence and designing programs that I want to eventually present as teleseminars.

    Thank you for being such a great person and coach.

  2. Bill, after thoroughly enjoying your Master of Enrollment programme I’m now getting really focused on delivering what I love so that I can be truly authentic and connect better with my audience, I’ve moved my mindset to one giving and I’m enjoying where it’s all taking me. A new website is afoot, with a tweak on the focus and I’m getting lots of media coverage, so something is working 🙂

  3. Hi Bill,

    I took your Teleseminar Class and then attended the Big Shift Experience. I have also purchased your list building class and conversion class.

    In addition, I’m taking Vrinda Normand’s – Booty Camp Class and just yesterday took Sandi Krakowski’s Social Media Class.

    Thanks for all the great value you give.

    Marcia Sutton
    Grief Relief for the Workplace

  4. Continuing to plug away at my Masters of Enrollment program, getting and practicing my Establish the Gap, creating programs to enable others to take control of their health choices and marketing myself through free content and lots and lots of teaching!!

  5. I am in a flurry of activity rebuilding my business Face to Face Matters.
    1. Been learning social media marketing and increased website visits from 25 to more than 400 in four months – up 1,100%
    2. Hired a college intern to help with social media, and website visits have taken off like a rocket. She has increased visits to more than 600 in the first two weeks of this month.
    3. She and another intern are redesigning my logo, website and email header. We are giving my business a more modern look.
    4. I am giving my first live webinar next week (May 23): Boost Your Credibility Selling Yourself Face-to-Face. Register at
    5. I am uploading my three videos so they can be purchased at Convey.com.
    6. I am organizing a webinar series and video series at Convey.com
    7. I am taking my business online in additional to my traditional in-person services.
    I am “in the flow” and exhilarated with my inspirations and creativity.

  6. Hi Bill, I have been taking free webinars to add up to my skills after some trainings from Christian Mickelsen program. Presently I have given free sessions on professional coaching and is mentoring and running seminars/workshop on entrepreneurship to secondary school students and university graduates to become self employed as there are limited employment in the job market.

  7. Such amazing business owners truly going towards creating wonderful, positive impact!

    Love it.


  8. Thank you for your message ! I am right with you…. I am a metaphysical healer and I am in the process of creating my 1st workshop/retreat on the embodiment of who we really are. This is not a workshop on thinking about it nor talking about it, but a workshop on EMBODYING THE SACREDNESS OF WHO YOU ARE right now – what does it take to BE present and available in mind, body, soul and Spirit to “BE” your purpose and life calling, and have the Universe co-creating with you to facilitate that process!

  9. Thanks Bill,

    I so agree with you that there has never been a better time to be in business, I am empowering women business owners to step into their brilliance, by helping them overcome their negative beliefs about self promotion, feel more confident and comfortable selling their services so they can ultimately grow a successful thriving business and create the lifestyle of their dreams whilst making a huge difference in the world.

  10. Thank you Bill – Somehow today was a great day for me to hear your message – a true optimist, but still susceptible to moments of fear and panic. So today – continue to organize my new client list – start a new JV list and add more good stuff to my website! and learn “constant contact” for the email I have been promising…

  11. The world is hungry for wellness: whole foods wellness! And, it is my passion, LOVE love the high and satisfaction of a wedding well catered, a clients family well nourished, and will keep loving it. Now, those folks that are hungry for wellness find my website easily. All other forms of marketing have failed: tradeshows, print, flyers, welcome wagon, yellow pages, etc.

    Keep facing down the fear behind the fact that just not enough clients are looking for and finding my business to create the income I need to support my family, doing what I love.

    Giving it one more year, and I welcome thoughts on how to make this go VOOM!
    http://www.gfyg.ca Chef Laura, The Good For You Gourmet

    • The Best company for the world is none other than Amway.10B last year and they are lnkioog at 12B this year. Monavie pays people to drink and sell a >couple< products and also network. wow, were just about partners with 500+ companies and have access to over 1.5m products.Ours is simpler and easier, we get paid to eat and shop, what everyone is already doing, and show others to do the same, not drink an over priced product that i have heard doesnt work. Amway Dominates, This aint an opinion.

  12. I am willing to walk forward with my business, spirit, and social consciousness, and to teach, coach, and support clients and friends so they are more able to express their own power in collaboration with others.

  13. Mark Reynolds says:

    I HAVE drawn a line in the sand and ignore all the gloom and doom mentality from the belief that business MUIST be bad because the economy is (the chicken littke syndrom).
    I am amzed at how so many businbess owners show up evry work day with the white surrender flag hanging out of their back pocket. This creates a mind set of expectation that business will NOT be good today because it cant. This mind set sets into the inevitable outcome that their business really doesnt acheive significance.
    There are companies in most any industry that are not only laughing all the way to the Bank, but they feel as though they OWN the Bank. Their biggest problem is that they are cornering part of the market and wondering where in the world is their competition.
    I have become this success model !

  14. Bill,
    Attending a training call on holding telesummits, and calling prospects.

  15. Great post, Bill,
    As I’ve never seen whining or complaining manifest in a plan or the energy to carry one out, that’d be a pretty silly waste of time. 🙂 So, instead I’m currently using technology to enlarge my footprint and increase the sphere of humans who know what I can provide. (developing speaking gigs, finishing up a couple books I’m writing, etc.) and getting as involved in service wherever I can. First the desired outcome, then reverse engineering back through what steps and resources are needed, then obtaining them and completing them in order. Is this along the lines you’re describing, Bill?

  16. This is the year of the Yang Water Dragon! A powerful year to become a leader (Dragon energy) and transform others with your ideas (Water energy).

    I have launched a speaking business, with 3 workshops and a radio show in the past 4 weeks! As a Chinese astrologist, I am helping people with their careers, finding their niche, and discovering the best dates to do important things this year. My Date With Destiny program is off the ground with over 50 new clients, and they are thrilled to know which days to launch business projects, send out marketing, and do workshops, teleseminars and group programs. Just like me!

    I am in your VIP Mastermind Program, and I can’t wait to start. 2012 is going to be a rocking year for me, and for anyone willing to step up into their authentic self, and bring their message to the world! Matthew Chapman, your Date and Destiny Partner!

  17. Hi Bill and Community,

    This post is exciting and welcoming. You are right about the opportunities that are ripe for those of us who dare and have the support to leap in. Thank you!

    After being in business facilitating for 14 years and being a a therapist, and martial arts teacher, I am now working on three new fronts to add depth and reach to the game, that excite the hell out of me:

    * Designing an online space to learn quick, easy, and powerful relationship strategies through video and interactive dialogues.

    * An online adventure game to help folks overcome worry and anxiety that reaches out into real life and inspires long term growth and practice.

    * I have just finished an online video training that I want my clients to get about GETTING REAL ABOUT MONEY to encourage honest self awareness and to prepare them for the journey of healing their money shadows!

    See here –> http://healyourmoneyshadow.wordpress.com/why-we-struggle-with-money/

    For me, the next frontier is INTEGRATING between every day and online COLLABORATION, INTERACTIVITY, and deep juicy and effective HEALING, GROWTH and LEARNING that extends over time — into vibrant and robust communities — and space — into folks and groups meeting from all over the world.

    Thanks again for sparking awareness of this emerging reality!


  18. Thank you for this inspiring message Bill. I couldn’t agree more. Calling all entrepreneurs…. let’s change the world!!!!

  19. I’m taking lots of telesummits through Sharon Gaskin, Bernadette Doyle (how I connected with you), Heather Townsend, Richard White, Ari Galper ………..etc. Learning all kinds of useful stuff about personal marketing and selling, really opening up my horizons about building own business (not to mention all the training I did just to position myself as an expert in my chosen field), never realized there was so much more to do on top of that, feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all. Plus I still have a daytime job so I can pay the bills.

  20. I am taking my business to the next level. May be looking for investors.

    Bringing What’s Alive Inside Shows Globally.
    Bringing Coaching Practice to new level.
    Bringing Entertainment/Lecture on Toxic Thoughts into the world.

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