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My Special Holiday Wish For You | Ep. 95


Whatever this year has been like for you, this season is the perfect time…

For reflection…

For gratitude…

And for new beginnings.

So let’s talk about how to bring in not just a New Year, but also a new YOU.

Today’s episode is all about how to make next year your best year ever!

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Here’s What to Expect in This Episode

  • Favorite holiday stories
  • What story are you telling yourself right now?
  • Remembering that YOU are the author of your story
  • What do you want to create in the year to come?
  • The one thing that would make you feel most happy and fulfilled
  • Tips for rewriting your story
  • How to ensure that what you really want really happens
  • My wish for you

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  1. Thanks so much for this Bill – great reminder. Just had a conversation with friend the other day who is always negative and down on himself, dependent on others for his current mood. I am going to share this with him and hope it motivates him to make 2016 the Best Year yet!

  2. Hi Bill
    That was awesome…I really enjoyed listening
    to your guest speaker…Jeffrey Van Dyk.
    Helping leaders, how to transition from
    their core wounds to where they were meant
    to be.

  3. Thanks Bill. Going to listen to your other podcasts but have already listened to the foundational trainings….am in your January course. Everything you say rings true to me and am looking forward to it all. Have a great New Year!

  4. Daphne Gabriel says:

    Merry Christmas Bill Baren. Wishing you the best of the Season. May 2016, be a year of renown, reflection and your greatest program ever. You are amazing. Glad for the opportunity to hear about your intellectual programs o help humanity. Amnd to be a part of it.

  5. I’ve been a loyal listener for a while, picked up a bunch of good tips along the way and now decided to take this relationship to the new level – just signed up to one of Bill’s programs! Excited, thrilled, can’t wait to dig in 🙂

  6. Hi Bill Baren:

    Thanks for soliciting feedback.
    As I am unable to commit time based on the schedule you provided, I thought I’d do so through this medium. You can view my professional profile at https://jm.linkedin.com/pub/philip-baker/15/50/7b.

    In short, I identify and eliminate bottlenecks as a means of unlocking latent value.
    With the formalities out of the way, I’ll weigh in as follows:

    Having invested 10 hours of my time carefully listening to 3 sets of webinars and Q&As, I came away with the distinct impression that you are passionate about your craft. However, I also discerned that the vast bulk of the callers during those 3 sets of Q&As sought assistance with confidence-building as well as with designing and implementing a value-centric Bespoke Service Delivery Model (BSDM).

    In these circumstances, your personal narrative (arriving in the US in 1977 at the age of 12 years as an immigrant from the Ukraine) is potent.

    I think that less time could be spent on your opening remarks and more time devoted instead to explaining the mechanics of client value aggregation (into unique bespoke packages) – of course reserving much of the artistry that is involved for pursuit of the actual module after signing up.

    I do hope this proves helpful and am available for further consultation by mutual agreement.

    With very best wishes,
    Philip S. Baker

  7. Great share and exactly what I needed to hear today.
    Thank you Master of Enrollment Team!
    Happy Holidays to you all!

  8. Elegant, excellent, short and soulful.

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