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The Secret to Charging What You Want | Ep. 42

Some businesses charge premium prices and have customers clamoring. Others charge very little and barely attract any customers at all. What’s the deal?

Way too many entrepreneurs dream of achieving the status and success of Apple, but they use strategies more like Radio Shack.

Today’s episode will help you avoid being one of THOSE business owners.

I’m going to share three top approaches to developing a high-end, much-in-demand service or product—so you can charge what you want, and get it.

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Here’s What to Expect in This Episode

  • Three solutions to stand out in whatever niche you serve
  • How to find your own secret sauce so clients line up to see you
  • The key to avoiding price comparison shoppers
  • How to never worry about your competition again
  • How you can set yourself apart in a crowded field
  • What do you need to do before you start charging a lot more?
  • What words can you use to differentiate yourself from others?
  • How does having an edgy brand help you attract high-paying clients?

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  1. Hi Bill,

    Another great video lesson. Thank you!

    Yesterday I had my first experience with someone competing with me because I’m actually being first and unique. You mentioned that’s another video. Do you have it? Could you make it? I’d love to hear your answer.

    Thank you so much for your training and encouragement,

  2. Bill Baren is the business coach who keeps on giving. His offers on how to help me improve my identity in the workplace so I can be recognized for the innovative, productive and unique results I help my clients achieve keep showing up everyday in my email, on FB. All my life I’ve seen businesses make money with pure shit going in and worthless crap coming out and thought “All you need to really need to know in life is how to bill the client.” In my field, as a change making energizer connector bringing conscious self-awareness to thousands, no one is making the kind of money Bill Baren is talking about. His pitch is for me to enroll and he’ll give me a system which if I work it will produce the results I want, guaranteed. Podcast Episode 42 moved me 1 step closer to the mark, Bill you’re closing in.

  3. Hi,
    My business is to guide people through a 7-day juice fasting experience and it is packaged as a 21-day program with the fasting week as part of that. I know we are not the first to offer such a program and I would like to think we are the best and unique in what we offer. My question is what criteria can we use to say we are the best? Since this in a new program, we don’t have a lot of results yet to offer stats like 9 out of 10 people get awesome results, etc. My other question is regarding unique…we would have to do quite a bit of research to find out if or how unique we are, is this true? Or is the fact that we are who we are doing this and by definition we are unique from everyone else, is that sufficient? Great information here to learn how to set ourselves and our programs apart from others. Thank you.

  4. Emma says:

    So, if you don’t remember the name of the Transcendentist, why do you automatically assume it is a MAN? Bet you assume “he” is WHITE, too.

    • Now now… let’s not assume things about me and what I am thinking and feeling. BTW, the english language is limited in referring to a person in a gender-neutral way with pronouns.

  5. Rhin says:

    This is what I love about you. Your podcasts-actually, anything you send out has meat[see italics, here], has content. So many ‘coaches’ out there, send out big promises with free webinars that are simply adverts for their programs. I so appreciate your honesty and your integrity and the tips you share.

    My issue- I don’t know what I offer that is unique, or even, what I can promise people as an employment coach/consultant, so I don’t see who I can work with yet. My goal is definitely to be a bad ass woman up to big things!

  6. Hi, as a shamanic herbalist and foraging instructor, I am looking to be unique. I came up with title of foraging instructor myself, though I’m sure someone else has thought of it.

    I also offer a wider range of information than other people who lead plant walks, and in that way I am positioning myself not only as unique, but better, if not best.

  7. Brilliant Bill. This is an extremely timely message for me and has really set some things in place in my mind. Thank you

  8. Hello; your video did make me think of some different ways i can present who i am and what i can offer. I’m a totally blind gentleman who has started two businesses including one for coaching and speaking lost over 250 pounds from gastric surgery diet and exercise, written a motivational ebook called leading you out of the darkness into the light, record my own podcasts, etc. i need to emphasize more about my overcoming all these things in my intro video and text on my home page. so thanks for that. but i do have a question. I’ve been considering creating an online summit bringing together a bunch of visually impaired and blind entrepreneurs artists authors athletes for a mind blowing infusion of inspiration motivation and encouragement. but now i’m wondering even if i could do it do i want to. would showing people there are more of us out here diminish my value or incompairability as you are talking about in this video? i know that while we have or would have one thing in common our stories would all be unique in some way. and as the host i should still receive most of the focus. but i have been told by a few of my friends that this could be a big investment of time energy and money with no real return on that investment unless i get clear on what i’m doing or want to do with it and why. would love your feedback. thanks max ivey the blind blogger

    • I think your idea is great! No need to worry about showcasing others… in fact, by doing an on-line summit would allow you to grow a substantial list and position yourself as a leader of leaders. My biggest feedback would be: Don’t invest the time and money into it unless you see a clear pathway of how you are going to monetize.

      • hi bill; your comment is in total agreement with my most trusted blogging mentor. she said the same thing its a great idea but there are lots of great ideas that don’t bring in any money. she advised against doing it unless i was clear on how I’d monetize as well. I’m still thinking of doing it, but would love to connect with someone who could advise me on the technical issues so i could find out just how much time money and energy I would have to invest. I’m working with michael on a new online teaching course. and i’ve started a second ebook. and the summit could generate income by promoting sales for either or both of these. so i do appreciate your caution. thanks max

  9. thanks for this delightful information. I am going to be all three, and make a difference in my life. Keep being delightful and never give up.
    michael babcock:
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