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You Will Never Succeed Until You Suck | Ep. 44

If you think feeling that you suck at what you do is a bad thing, your life is about to change…

It’s human nature to enjoy doing what you’re good at.  In fact, you often say “it’s not my thing” to anything you don’t do well.

Yet, it’s actually not natural to us to reject the things we are bad at.   You don’t see babies choosing not to risk walking because it isn’t in their skill-set, do you?

Somewhere along the way, we decided that protecting our pride and our feelings was more important than learning to walk.

Today’s podcast is all about learning to walk as an entrepreneur.

You’ll find out the three things you need to be good at for your business to stop crawling and really get off the ground—and you’ll get an incredible formula for mastering all of them.

You’ll never view committing to something, or sucking at something, the same way again. In fact, you just might commit to sucking!

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Here’s What to Expect in This Episode

  • The three things you must be good at in business
  • The formula for mastering the top three business skills
  • How to tell if you’re failing yourself
  • Why being sucky and failing sets you free
  • What is the Commitment Paradox?
  • How does your fear of failure stop you from succeeding?
  • How to focus on what really matters in a culture of Mass Distraction
  • Why a great mentor is necessary to increase business velocity

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  1. I am a 70 year old retired teacher of intellectually gifted students, am in great health and strong physically. I teach yoga and have a home studio in Louisville Ky. and Mt. Washington, with about 12 regular students in both places, I spend time warming up, give a good workout and end with guided relaxation.
    I Have had two rentals, inconsistent attendance, closed because
    of little profit. I know I am an excellent teacher because I can individualize instruction and my students say that I they will not go to another yoga class. I have all the props and love my students. I make enough to supporty business with very little profit. I want to stay single and teach not more than 4 classes a week. Not sure where to go from here. Advertising is very expensive. Thank you, Charlottte

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