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What Separates Businesses that Succeed and Those That Fail?

I was talking to a client earlier this month who said,

“I’m completely lost, and struggling with my business. What do I do next?”

Click play to hear the advice I gave her.

After you’ve finished watching this video, tell me in the comments below – what kind of imperfect action can you take right now?




  1. Hi Bill,
    I miss you, Alan… and the team. I have been taking lots of imperfect actions. Yay. I really have moved beyond my old hangout ‘paralyzed by fear’ – Yay. Have 2 premium package sales pending ($2,500 & $4,500) and 4 Love Life Clarity Sessions to set up; so I’m almost to the point where I’m making over $4,000/month on my programs… and can come back and join the All Star program. Victoria

  2. Exactly, I learned this studying the 4th way in the early 80’s. Gurdjieff wrote a book whose title captured this Life Lesson – “Life is only Real When I Am”. There are so many ways to parse it, and all meaningful. One way, parallel to your video (great video by the way) is that by being real, even if imperfect, life will give you feedback on that imperfection and you will change and adapt in a real way to that feedback, evolving closer to your ideals. If you are not real, if you speak and act in-authentically, then you may get along better in the world but your friends and people will not know the real you, you will feel alone even with tons of “friends” and you lose your opportunity to grow in a real way.


  3. What a spiritual background for your video! Very nice! Thank you for the video.

  4. Alice Hooper says:

    Thanks Bill! That was just what I needed to hear.. I am paralyzed with fear about not being good enough right now. So I am going to do my homework from last week and post it on FB TOMORROW!

  5. I’m pretty sure my tears tonight are a sign. I’ve been in information paralysis along with the stress of a sudden caregiver role and all I want is some measure of success for my life and the work I’m seeking to share with the world. I know I haven’t taken action because I’m stuck on what I should do, what I should offer, and who is this new me anyway given that I’m a radio broadcaster and now, what, I’m offering premium packages? Do I go small or go with the big vision that got unleashed ever since your money breakthrough workshop? What about the courses I’ve developed? Should I let them go or are they a part of the package? I feel like I’m blindfolded and being spun around in a game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, dizzy and not sure which way to walk! So my imperfect action is finish your worksheets and walk towards what I think is that ass and stick the first of many pins in it. Thanks Bill. You touched my heart deeply when I first saw your video from Eben’s email and it hasn’t been the same since. Peace to you.

  6. Aileen says:

    Oh, this notion of taking imperfect action makes perfect sense to me. Sort of like a GPS. We set our destination (goal) on the GPS (Premium Package). We start “driving” (action) with what we think will be the most effective route to our destination. Then, when we hit an unexpected “detour” (result of the imperfection of our action), the GPS recalibrates us to get to our destination again. But the GPS doesn’t work –i.e. keep giving us feedback — unless we keep driving. No matter how many imperfect actions we take, the GPS will always keep giving us appropriate feedback until we reach our goal. Thanks, Bill!

  7. Thank you so much Bill… That is exactly what I did after module 2 and with the motivation of the extra call on Monday!! I just took action creating my “FIRST EVER” Premium packages (instead of trading time for money) and if that was not enough out of my comfort zone… I put them online in the FN group (while I am NOT a FB person)! So cheers to taking imperfect action to grow and evolve… I sincerely thank you Bill Baren for getting me there!

  8. This week I will desgin my premium package and then do whatever it taks to get the word out and sign up clients. I have a proven track record for healing and its time that the world knows this.

  9. I am going to ask for feedback on my first premium package and then put it out there and offer consults to those I meet at a networking event I am attending next week.

  10. Alison says:

    Walking around with the stuff in my head for a while now. Changed, then changed again and still changing . What needs to change is the perfectionist BS I’m on. Thanks Bill for the reality check. Now time to get down to the task at hand.

  11. Alison says:

    First, thanks for this ketch-up week. Missed Thurs. unavoidably so. Listened to the play back and been walking around with the stuff in my head. changed and changed and still changing as ‘clarity’ ? stepped in. “You are not the judge of what you create —-” has struck a note as I realise that my need for perfectionism is really a lot of BS. So let me get down to the task at hand now. Thanks Bill

    • Exactly, get your work out there and allow the people that matter (your clients) to give you the feedback you need to continue to make the work be better.

  12. So true! I’m taking imperfect action by presenting my 3 new packages to an audience of about 20 people at the end of the month. Feels good and a touch scary but I’m more afraid of NOT doing it!

    Thanks for all the great training!

  13. PS When I get stuck or tired I jump on my stationary bike and peddle my butt of for 5 minutes!!
    Love that you encourage people to get up and move every hour – that’s so VIP for a healthy body.

  14. I LOVE this notion – “Take Imperfect Action”. It has really freed me up to get going:
    1. Last week I created a survey for my current students.
    2. Since then I have had every student who comes in the door, fill out the survey before class!
    3. Today I made a few follow-up calls to clarify some remarks on their surveys.
    4. Some comments sparked me to sit and re-write my private yoga class offerings and begin to create a menu of services (beyond single private lessons, with no follow up and no bonuses).
    5. I gave a long consultation to a woman who runs a local Aikido dojo who wants to learn yoga from me, and signed he up for a beginner series (not anything close to a PP) but could be a great connection and could definitely lead to my first customer in a PP.
    6. I can see where all this is leading, and I envision a very different future.

  15. Great advice! It’s so easy to become paralyzed trying to make everything perfect and trying to take on everything at once instead of in manageable chunks. Today was a good day for the reminder to keep moving!

  16. So glad of your re-post of this blog, I need this today as I continue on my road of imperfect actions – questioning everything I am striving to create and frustrated with the process of creating a balanced work presence, this was definitely a reminder for me to keep pressing. Thanks

  17. Moving is progress, indeed! imperfect actions for the perfect success, so true! thanks!

  18. Liberating advice to help perfections, self-doubters, and novices that are paralyzed with fear (either of failure or success). Thanks, I always appreciate your objective perspective and sound advice!

  19. Douglas Purcell says:

    So true so true, true, trus

  20. Jankaeo says:

    Words of wisdom and reflection. Thank you!

  21. Mary Barrett says:

    Thanks, Bill. That is good advice. I am writing a book and will pull an outline together and sample chapter and get feedback.

  22. I’m going forward with my first edition of Effective Performance Coaching, imperfect and filled with expectation. Thanks Bill!

  23. As a “recovering perfectionist,” I now think of everything I do as a “beta test.” For some reason, my inner critic buys into this and doesn’t squawk at me anymore. A recent example is my new website, which better reflects what my work is about than the old one did but isn’t “perfect,” But it’s right for my current budget and honestly reflects where I am in my process of discovering specifically who my perfect niche will be. I imagine it will always be in beta, and that’s now OK with me.

  24. Thanks Bill, this reminds me of what my graduate advisor said to me about my final project. He said, “this will be the best thing you have ever written, but it won’t be the best thing you ever write. “

  25. you look great, background is great, what you say is great!
    Thanks for the encouragement!


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