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Wanna know my new intention for 2014?


I wanted to share with you one of my most sacred yearly
practices. I look forward to it every year. And without
exception, huge transformation occurs for me as a result of

So what is it?

It’s simple – I create a yearly theme.

What this does for me is create a powerful intention for my
next growth spurt. Also, because I put a great deal of
attention on my theme, tremendous breakthroughs come as a

I’ve already picked my theme for next year and I can’t tell
you how excited I am by it.


Even as I write this, tears are coming to my eyes knowing
how right this theme is for me for the next year of my life.
I am looking forward to put my gentle focus and attention
on fully learning and embracing love for myself. It’s also
a little scary, too (OK, maybe more than a little).

Here’s what I suggest you do:

#1 – take a couple of hours away from the hustle and bustle
of your life and tune into what you really want for yourself
and what’s been holding you back. And then ask yourself
what yearly theme would give you a break through

#2 – once you have a theme, please share it with important
people in your life as a public declaration of your desire
for a breakthrough

#3 – get a brand new journal for the coming year, put your
theme at the top of it and create a practice of journaling
around your theme at least 3 times per week

Once you do this practice, you will experience a
breakthrough. You will live into your theme and your life
will never be the same again.

It’s happened for me and it will happen for you.

Let me know what your theme for 2014 may be here.


P.S. 2014 is going to be an amazing year. Can you feel it?


  1. This is the right webpage for anyone who wishes to find out about this topic.
    You know so much its almost tough to argue with you (not that I actually will need to…HaHa).
    You definitely put a fresh spin on a subject that’s
    been written about for a long time. Wonderful stuff,
    just excellent!

  2. I love your 2014 theme Bill.
    I love the idea of journaling ideas that move you toward the theme’s possibilities and realities.
    May I also suggest a quarterly “retreat,” or “pause button” for reflection on progress toward the theme? Gather 2 or 3 of your closest, most trusted advisors and ask them what they see and know about you and your theme. Feedback is such a gift when working on transformations!
    Have a terrific 2014!

  3. Yes I do mean to type in all caps: (not yelling just stating “strongly”!!)

  4. Laurie Fear says:

    “Believe in Myself”

  5. Great idea! I have been thinking about this for days. I want to achieve big things, but also have balance in my whole life. To get me there my theme this year is being proactive. Thanks for the idea!

  6. This year, I’m going to be wildly, loudly, authentically me!

    Thanks for the fun idea and encouragement!

  7. Angelina says:

    What a great idea. Thank you!
    My intention is to grow in self love and to cultivate connection.
    I’m really glad to see what others have shared.
    I’m already noticing a sense of connectedness among us.
    Looking forward to knowing everyone!

  8. Thanks for sharing Bill. My 2014 Theme: “Financial Abundance in my business “Women Be Empowered In Your Workplace”.

    Happy holidays and best wishes to all.

    With love and transformation.


  9. Sarah Jones says:

    Thank you, Bill. 🙂

    I took a walk after reading this and explored what 2014 will be themed as. Here it is:


    I am the curator of the connections I make, personally, professionally, internally. Exciting and empowering. Thanks again!

  10. Love this, Bill. I am working with Danielle La Porte’s Desire Map, which points you toward creating goals based on your Core Desired Feelings, and have just recently been exposed to this idea of a theme for the year.

    I think I’ll copy Patrick’s, Stepping Up and Stepping Out! For me that includes underlying themes of loving myself, serving, knowing my gifts and healing the world.

    Happy new year, my friends. Can’t wait to play with you in person in February!

  11. My theme for the year always begins with a release of what is not serving me so that I can make space to welcome more of what does. So, closing out 2013 I am releasing any patterns that control or judge my relationships with others so that I may step more deeply into a practice for myself and others of living a life of no regrets! Happy New Year Bill & Patrick!! xxoo

  12. Margaret LeDane says:

    My theme – Believing in Myself. I have to get over the feeling of being pushy since I know there are so many people out there who need my help.

    I’m a digestive health and nutrition coach and I just found the answer to my client’s migraines she was having for months. It was gluten. Such an easy thing for me since I live gluten, dairy and coffee free because of my own issues with digestion, headaches and eczema. So many people are suffering with un-diagnosed food sensitivities and it is my job to find them and help them.

    Yes, Believing in Myself. I know this stuff, so let me share my knowledge, help people and pay my mortgage…all at the same time!

  13. Donnie says:

    Hi Bill,

    Thank you for sharing your theme with us. It was another confirmation that my business partner and I are moving in the right direction with the work we’re doing within the cancer community.

    My theme for next year is to live an abundant and self-approved life.

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

  14. Bill, you read my mind… last year, I created the theme “connections and collaborations”, and I was amazed at all the amazing people that showed up in my life.

    As the year comes to a close, I realize that while I have connected with a lot of great people, I am feeling depleted inside. I have been focusing too much on the outer, and doing too much, and not enough on filling myself from the inside. So, the theme for my 2014 is “filling and nourishing my inner self.” And already, some opportunities for doing that in the new year are showing up!

    I know that when I am filled from within, I’ll have much more to offer others. Looking forward to that! Thanks, Bill. Looking forward to your Big Shift in March, too.

  15. Victioria says:

    Creating a larger feeling of safety in my world after goin 50 years with corrected vision.Goy cataract surgery on both eyes and it is a whole new way toralate to my world


  17. “Stepping Up and Stepping Out!!”

    That’s my 2014 Theme : )

    Thanks Bill.

  18. Christina says:

    I think this is a great idea! Loving yourself is always the best way to go. I want to spend more time focused on writing and making sure that I spend some time just writing and working on my book.

  19. I never post anything, but I liked your theme for 2014, so…
    It’s a great idea! I think: if you love yourself more, we’ll love you even more as a result.
    Since i’m knew in all of this, i would say that for me the theme “ME” would be a great idea this year.
    Be busy with my feelings, my business, what i want…. instead of what everybody else wants and their negativity (partner, family, friends) and keep the energy high instead of loosing energy with everybody elses problems, thinking and things.
    And thanx to Bridgit and Chris, because I made in 10 minutes a plan for each month in 2014 with a theme and I never thought doing this before. So thank you all.
    (Sorry for my bad English, I was born in France, living now in the Netherlands)

  20. I support you loving yourself!

    My theme is ‘connection.’ After several years buried in tasks in a new clinic, I felt too tired to fully connect. And now having an online business, I want to use information technology to connect in meaningful ways, as well as being more social in my personal life ‘off the web’. It’s easy for me as an introvert to skip this, but getting over social anxiety and just spending time with people I like, without overthinking it, is important.

    Chris, I’ve also been thinking of monthly marketing themes. Gives clearer purpose. Thanks!

  21. What a great idea. I think I will adopt your theme. I am always last on my to do list. Like I will take care of myself when everything else is done and of course everything else is never done. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  22. Maude Wilson says:

    My Theme for 2014 is….Moving from Surviving to Thriving!
    I’m grateful for your share of your theme. I have been doing the same practice for the past couple of years and I love the feeling of getting into the spirit of creating me theme. This year I had decided to keep a tape recorded log of my progress, challenges and experiences and maybe use that for something to teach from in the future. Thanks Bill!

  23. I love this idea! And have tried it before… and yet was never able to sustain throughout the year. I really like the idea of starting a new journal and keeping a regular journal practice around the theme… my theme for 2014 is going to be… I AM ENOUGH 🙂

    Cheers to a fab 2014!


    • Carol, I can really relate to your theme… I wrote an affirmation I keep in my desk about that: “I am enough. I am good. I am fulfilled.” Working on the last part of that for next year!

  24. What a great idea! I plan my year for my business out into monthly themes but I love the idea of planning a theme for your personal year. It’s funny how many parallels there are between business and our personal lives. I always talk to my clients about the importance of planning every aspect of their business and having measures in place to track success but I don’t apply this advice for my personal life. Thanks for the tip Bill!

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