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The Immersion Mindset (Doing Less = Doing Better) | Ep 15

If you are going to be doing something, you might as well do it well…  But here’s the thing, it’s hard to get good at any one thing if you’re trying to get good at everything at the same time.

What’s your number one marketing method for getting new clients?  There is a world of possibilities out there – workshops, teleseminars, hub marketing, local search, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc…

Trying to master all of these client-generating strategies, probably means you won’t be very successful at any of them.

That’s where the immersion mindset comes in to help you stop getting in your own way and start making a difference.

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Here’s What to Expect in This Episode

  • How many different marketing should you use for your business?
  • What’s your number one way to get new clients?
  • Can you master five things at the same time?
  • What lesson did Bill’s client teach us about marketing?
  • Why does the “doing less, but better” philosophy really work?
  • Does how you think matter as much as what you do?

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  1. Thanks Bill! You have reminded me that I have not locked down my number one marketing method and I’m quite sure it’s because I am afraid of choosing the wrong one for me and for my business. Will dig in and figure this one out!

  2. Thank you Bill,
    This particular podcast nailed it for me. Everything you said about doing the one thing that gets me clients is what I know but I have not really been in full EMERSION and implementing completely. The good news is that I have a foundation in place and don’t have to start over again with something new.
    I can’t wait to learn even more from you.

  3. I am always impressed by the clarity and power of your messages. Thank you, a great wake-up call.

  4. Thanks for calling me out on this Bill and helping me to see that I am NOT totally immersed in my #1 way to attract clients. Even though I knew this on a subconscious level, this podcast forced me to take a close look at how committed I actually am and to hold myself accountable for a weekly check ins on what I have done to learn more, perfect and fine tune my skills each week moving forward.
    Thanks again Bill for the wake up call AND for the 3 great podcasts a week!!

    Blessings,Jennifer Shaw

    • Hi Jennifer, so glad this episode got you back to committing to this practice… It is crucial! Glad to see you chime in here…

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