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The One Thing You Need To Do Every Day | Ep. 14

“Do something every day that scares me.” It is this quote I wrote for myself on a napkin that lead me to saying, “Yes,” to a car racing experience that I thought might just kill me.

For two days, I couldn’t sleep. I woke up with my heart-racing and my palms sweating until I realized exactly what was holding me back from embracing this super-cool, edge-of-my-seat experience of a lifetime.

In this episode, I’ll reveal how I conquered my fear, and what it really took for me to take the wheel and drive.

I learned so much from this experience and I am super excited to share it with you.  Let me know what you thought of this episode in the comments below and as always by reviewing my podcast in iTunes.

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Here’s What to Expect in This Episode

  • Why what you feel is more important than following a formula.
  • How should you relay information you learned from others?
  • The key to successfully conquering fear.
  • Why should everyone be a beginner sometimes?
  • What does learning something new really teach you?
  • Is it better to focus on the here and now, or the future?
  • If a program is failing, what secret can help us overcome it?
  • What does slowing down teach us about marketing our business?
  • Why does a business fail if you only focus on making money?
  • Can you learn more as a spectator or a participant?
  • Why does taking action decrease your fear of what could happen?
  • How are preconceived notions different than reality?
  • What two things does success really require?

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