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Archives for March 2016

Game-Changing Business Wisdom From Roger Ebert and Mr. Rogers | Ep. 114

Do you think you need a totally original idea in order to start a stellar business? If you do, you might be making a big mistake.

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How Do You Become an Evolved Entrepreneur with Yanik Silver | Ep. 113

There’s a shift happening that will forever change what it means to be in business. Are you ready for a thrilling glimpse into your future?

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How Strong Is Your Hustle Muscle? (and why it’s important)| Ep. 112

You have a muscle that has an amazing job: to ensure you create exactly what you want in life. The catch is, you either use it or lose it. Are you using yours?

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How to Banish Your Fear of Failure Forever | Ep. 111

As an entrepreneur, do you worry about your business failing or your efforts on a project not producing the results you want? You’re about to discover why you never have to fear failure again.

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How to Tap Into Your Next Big Idea (that truly revolutionizes the world) | Ep. 110

A lot of people start businesses. But a few entrepreneurs have a world-changing idea that leads to marketplace acceptance, financial abundance, and an incredible sense of fulfillment and purpose. Here’s exactly how to find your big idea.

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What To Do When Potential Clients Don’t Say “Yes” The First Time

A lot of people ask me questions like this:

“What do I do if I’m talking with a potential client and they’re not able to say yes to me at this particular time? What if I set up a follow up conversation  and they tell me ‘it’s not a good time’ — what do I do? How do I follow up with them?”

Here’s what I tell them:

When a person doesn’t say “yes” in that moment, or if that person doesn’t say “yes” to working with you in the next conversation – then the odds  are fairly low that they’re going to say yes to you in the future. Some people will —  it’s just that the amount of energy that it will take for you to follow up with them, and emotional energy that it will require for to schedule another followup is actually really high. It’s just not an easy thing to do.

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